target groups


Primary Target Groups

1. Deprived Children

  • We started and manage 2 orphanages.
  • Boys home started in 2006 ; we can accommodate up to 25 boys.
  • Girls home started in 2012; we can accommodate up to 35 girls.
  • We provide comfortable living, conducive learning and growing environment ; this includes private tuition
    (both academic & spiritual) co-curriculum and sporting activities.

2. Hardcore Poor

  • We give out financial aid, kitched provisions, awareness and motivational programs based on specific needs.

3. Single Mothers

  • Besides financial aid, we also provide awareness and up-skilling programs (baking, cooking, tailoring etc) to empower this group to become more self-reliant.
  • We also provide material support and small seed capital for them to start small businesses.
  • We take in some of their children into our orphanages.

4. Handicapped Folks

  • We provide financial aid, disposable diapers, wheelchairs as well as other medical support through sponsors.

5. Old Folks

  • We provide financial aid, kitchen provisions, adult diapers and awareness programs.

6. Special Groups

  • We help provide religious knowledge to those seeking it.
  • We provide family counselling as well as counselling to individuals